Robert Douglas Memorial School in Scone

Robert Douglas Memorial School on Spoutwells Road in New Scone opened in 1935. Robert Douglas (1859-1929) moved to America at an early age where he founded a company dealing in jam and associated products. He endowed a number of projects in New Scone the place of his birth. The photograph taken inside the school shows the spades used to remove the first turfs to formally signify the beginning of the building of the school. The turfs were cut by Robert Douglas’s sister and his son Mr. Charles A. Douglas in 1933. The Polish Army used the School during the war,…


Former Perth Academy in Rose Terrace

The building at 6-8 Rose Terrace was built on land donated by Thomas Hay Marshall and built by private subscription. The architect was Sir Robert Reid. When completed in 1807 it housed the “Public Seminaries which included Perth Academy and Perth grammar School, plus various individual teachers and their pupils". This building became known as Perth Academy. In 1915 Sharp’s Institution was amalgamated into the Academy Teaching was transferred to the new building at Viewlands in 1932. A plaque was placed as a reminder of the building's construction and earlier function and of those former pupils who died in World…


Former Perth Grammar School

The modern Perth Grammar School in Muirton has existed since 1971 but was not the first school to bear that name. A plaque high on the north side of South Street at its junction with Princes Street outlines a small part of the history of the original Perth Grammar School. The first recorded evidence of the school is in a charter of 1150. Robert, Bishop of St. Andrews together with a number of his successors confirm the presence of the school as part of the organisation of the church. By 1560 the Town Council, together with the reformed church had…

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