Perth Civic Trust

Perth Civic Trust is an association of people who share a concern and an interest in the built and natural environment of Perth. It was founded in 1967 following widespread public dismay over the demolition of various historic buildings in the town – most notably the Earl of Kinnoull’s lodgings in the Watergate and the Old Ferry house at Bridgend. We are one of the oldest and largest organisations of this kind in Scotland and currently have over 300 members, including more than 20 corporate members.

One of our earliest successes was the saving of the Old Waterworks, now the Fergusson Gallery. The local authority had determined to demolish it but after persistent lobbying and persuasion it was saved and became the Tourist Information Centre. It is now home to work of the artist J.D. Fergusson and has recently undergone extensive conservation and restoration work. Perth Civic Trust uses a drawing of the Waterworks as its logo.