No qualifications are needed to become a member of Perth Civic Trust – only a concern for the heritage of Perth. The City has a history which should be respected as well as an interesting future. The Trust is interested in the built environment, and the open spaces.

The Executive Committee looks at planning applications and sends in observations , if appropriate. From time to time, there are meeting with officials to discuss wider issues, like the Local Development Plan. Two Councillors sit on the Executive Committee, so there is a two-way exchange of information.

Activities are arranged for members, some social, others offering an opportunity to learn about developments, some of which may be controversial.

By becoming a member, you will strengthen our voice in discussions. You will be able to meet other people who are concerned about the future of Perth. We are in touch with Amenity Societies in other places, and with the Scottish Civic Trust, which gives us the chance to explore issues  common to us all. 

Go to the Contact page to find out how to join.

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