St Ninian’s Cathedral War Memorials

St Ninians Cathedral on Atholl Street contains a series of War Memorials. A large window dedicated to the Black Watch. St. Ninian’s Episcopal School war memorial. A further war memorial to World War I. A large brass plaque to the memory of the individual soldiers of the Black Watch who fell in the Boer War. The Boer War plaque is interesting as this was the first war in which the deaths of individual soldiers were recognised. Previously there were no memorials to named soldiers; the memorials were to the regiment as a whole.


St Andrews Church War Memorials

St Andrews Church at 19 Atholl Street is a former church building completed in 1885. The architects were Andrew Heiton and Andrew Grainger Heiton. At one point around 2020 it was scheduled for demolition but it is now being renovated and repurposed as the new YMCA Centre for Perth. Two war memorials were photographed by PCT when they were under threat due to deterioration of the building. They have been put into safe storage pending decisions on their future. One is a record of the members of the congregation who fell in the war. The other remembers a former minister…

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