Capital Asset in Tay Street

The building at number 26 Tay Street, built in 1874 to a design by Andrew Heiton Jnr, is now occupied by the Capital Asset, a Wetherspoon pub. Formerly it was the Trustee Savings Bank. The presence of the City of Perth Coat of Arms on the wall outside is a reminder of the local  nature of the early bank, before various amalgamations resulted in it becoming part of a nationwide organisation. Trustee Saving Banks were set up on democratic and philanthropic principles and overseen by trustees appointed from the locality. Due to a number of bank failures, after 1871 Trustee…


Radisson Blue Station Hotel

Opened in 1890 when Perth was a busy railway hub for Scotland, the Station Hotel just opposite the station entrance was designed by Andrew Heiton. It is now the Radisson Blue Hotel. On its wall it bears the Coat of Arms of Perth.

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