John Ruskin boyhood home in Rose Terrace

There is a plaque in Rose Terrace recording the home of Mrs. Richardson, an aunt of John Ruskin, the influential art critic. Ruskin describes spending  boyhood holidays in Perth. (Praeterita,1885-1889, Ruskin. J. pp53-60. Rupert Hart-Davies, London, 1949).


Perth Academy in Rose Terrace

The building at 8 Rose Terrace was built on land donated by Thomas Hay Marshall and built by private subscription. The architect was Sir Robert Reid. When completed in 1807 it housed the “Public Seminaries which included Perth Academy and Perth grammar School, plus various individual teachers and their pupils". This building became known as Perth Academy. In 1915 Sharp’s Institution was amalgamated into the Academy Teaching was transferred to the new building at Viewlands in 1932.

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