Marriage Lintel in Fleshers Vennel

The initials LR and MB and the date 1766 surrounding a crest are sited high above the west facing gable in Fleshers’ Vennel. These are believed to be the initials of the married couple who either occupied the property, or had it built in 1766. The Vennel, which itself bears no plaque, led from the South Street where fleshers from out of town had to wait with their meat before entering the market near the kirk. Meat and other commodities were traded on prescribed days and rules were strictly enforced.


Cunningham Graham Close, High Street

Bearing the date 1699 on the lintel, Cunningham Graham Close at 13-17 High Street is said to be the oldest continually inhabited building in Perth. The building is three storeys and an attic. A monogram with the carving "RG, EC" and its year of construction is located above the entrance to the close. These initials refer to Robert Graham and Elspeth Cunningham, for whom the building is named. It was restored in 2015-2016. The project was carried out by the Owners’ Association with the support and encouragement of both Perth and Kinross Council officers and Perth and Kinross Heritage Trust through…

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