Bowerswell House – War Memorials

Bowerswell House Memorial Homes feature a number of war memorials. A memorial window is dedicated to the fallen of Perth from World War 2. An obelisk within the grounds celebrates 50 years of peace, remembering those who lost their lives. The refurbishment of the House and its surroundings in 1991 are remembered in further plaques and there is a framed award by Perth Civic Trust. See also Bowerswell House - Effie Gray.

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Perth Academy War Memorials

The memorial, in the School Assembly hall records the names of former pupils who fell in two world wars. The memorial for the First World War had previously been at the Old Academy in Rose Terrace. This memorial has been replaced by a new plaque donated by Perth Civic Trust. Pupils of Perth Academy have identified everyone on the memorial and made a record of their lives.


Jeanfield Park War Memorial

At the southeast corner of Jeanfield Park near the end of Hawarden Terrace stands this memorial which records the names of 70 soldiers who fell in the First World War. Difficult to believe just how many died from a such a small part of Perth.


St Ninian’s Cathedral War Memorials

St Ninians Cathedral on Atholl Street contains a series of War Memorials. A large window dedicated to the Black Watch. St. Ninian’s Episcopal School war memorial. A further war memorial to World War I. A large brass plaque to the memory of the individual soldiers of the Black Watch who fell in the Boer War. The Boer War plaque is interesting as this was the first war in which the deaths of individual soldiers were recognised. Previously there were no memorials to named soldiers; the memorials were to the regiment as a whole.

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