Mercat Cross in New Scone

This cross in Cross Street, New Scone is a replica of the Old Scone Mercat Cross, still to be found in its original position in the grounds of Scone Palace. It was erected in 1903.


New Mercat Cross in King Edward Street

The New Mercat Cross which was erected in 1913 in memory of Edward VII, was said to be an exact copy of Old Mercat Cross. It is embellished with the crests of 13 town guilds, but there is no information to say which guild each of the crests represent. The Cross stands in King Edward Street which was created in 1901-1902. (Duncan. J., Perth, A City Again, 2012, p299)


Old Mercat Cross

A stone plaque in the roadway of the High Street near its junction with Skinnergate marks the site of the Old Mercat Cross. A modern information board close-by describes the various markets held over the centuries. This is Panel 6 of the Perth Medieval Trail which replaced an earlier board (also pictured below). Further details of markets and trades are recorded on Panel 8 at St John’s Kirk. The original cross was demolished by Cromwell’s engineers  to provide stones for his citadel. It was re-instated in 1669 and this replacement demolished in 1765. It was here in 1746 that Charles…

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