The Old Ship Inn

A notice board suggests an Old Ship Inn has been on this site in the Skinnergate since Medieval times. The present building is described by Gifford as late-Victorian. The Inn was close to the Old Mercat Cross where presumably there were lots of customers on market days. The building also displays a series of boards showing mock newspaper headlines relating to events occurring within the life-time of the public house.


Wright Incorporation in Watergate

The building dated 1725 at 21-29 Watergate was occupied by the Wright Incorporation of Perth from its construction in 1725 until as recently as 1968. The Wright Incorporation of Perth was one of a number of Guilds which were given monopoly rights to trade within the city, goods relating to their particular craft. The Incorporations were empowered to decide who should be admitted to the Guild and to set rules and standards to which members were required to adhere. The Wright Incorporation looked after the interests of masons, weavers, glaziers, barbers, carpenters and bookbinders. In 1833 they lost their authority…

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