Balhousie Castle on Hay Street dates from 1631 but became the Black Watch Museum in 2009. South of the entrance is statue and inscription to remember the fallen of the Black Watch.

Two plaques on the castle walls remember Field Marshall the Earl Wavell who as General Wavell commanded the 8th Army in North Africa where he defeated the Italians. Wavell was appointed Commander in Chief for Middle East. Following service in North Africa he was appointed to take charge of the defence of India in the Burmese theatre. Wavell’s final appointment was as Viceroy of India.  A plaque beside the west gate commemorates the opening of the Gardens and the dedication of the gates to the memory of Field Marshall the Earl Wavell by his widow, Lady Wavell.

The site also exhibits a series of plaques acknowledging the association of Queen Elizabeth, Queen Mother with the Regiment.

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