Perth Harbours

On Tay Street just south of Queen's Bridge and opposite the Sherriff Court is Panel 1 of the Medieval Trail which explains how Perth has been a ‘Perfect Location’ since at least medieval times. This replaced an earlier information board entitled 'Harbours of Perth' also pictured. In Medieval times the harbour was approximately where the aptly named Quayside Court housing complex now stands. The channel corresponds to where Canal Street now runs.


Greyfriars Monastery and Burial Ground

The  Franciscan Monastery was founded in 1460 but destroyed in 1559 at the start of the Scottish Reformation. Franciscans are sometimes referred to as Greyfriars. The original Rule of Saint Francis did not allow ownership of property, requiring members of the order to beg for food while preaching. The austerity was meant to emulate the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. Franciscans travelled and preached in the streets, while staying in church properties.      The gate post and lintel at the entrance to the grounds give information on the Spey Tower, the city walls and details the site of the deaths…

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