Thomas Hay Marshall and his father-in-law Thomas Anderson, who owned the previous Blackfriars lands, were responsible for the construction of much of Georgian Perth. The construction included the building of Atholl Crescent and Street, Marshall Place and the first steps in the development of Tay Street.

Rose Terrace was built on land donated by Hay Marshall. The Old Academy at its centre was built using funds raised by private subscription.

Thomas Hay Marshall was Lord Provost in 1800 to 1802 and again from 1804 to 1806. During this time, he was able to upgrade the status of Provost to Lord Provost to reflect the ancient importance of the city. His statue, sculpted by the Cochrane brothers of Perth, stands inside the pillars of the dome at Perth Museum and Art Gallery.

Thomas Hay Marshall also wrote a heavy tome on the history of Perth which we have used extensively in this web site.

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