Fountain Close, the Vennels of South Street

Fountain Close, the Vennels of South Street

Fountain Close is at 17 South Street on its north side.

Until 2022, painted on the whitewashed walls were 14 descriptions of the old vennels of Perth and their relationship to the old Guilds of Perth with emblems of the Guilds. The descriptions were painted directly on to the walls. It is believed the images were painted by pupils of Kinnoull School under the guidance of Miss Rhoda Fothergill. They have now all been whitewashed over as can be seen in the first photo. The remainder of the photographs were taken in 2018 and 2019. Also shown is part of a Celtic cross painted on the end wall.

Some of the vennels remain in existence although others are lost. Traces of the Meal Vennel remain as the exit of the shopping centre on to the High Street and the loading bank on the South Street.

The close when in use passed by the 15th century Bishop’s House and on into Baxters Vennel. A board on a corner building in St John Street also confirms the existence of the Bishop’s House prior to its demolition in 1821.

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