Pullar House at numbers 35-49 Kinnoull Street and occupying much of Mill Street as well, contains the offices of Perth and Kinross Council. Before conversion in 1999/2000 this building was Pullars of Perth, an extensive dyeworks owned by the Pullar family.

A plaque commemorating the Jubilee in 1898 of the service of Sir Robert Pullar, son of the founder of the business. The business was founded in Burt Close in 1824.

A second plaque records those employees who lost their lives in the two wars. This is another example of businesses recording the names of fallen colleagues as also did for example, Avia, the Co-Operative and the Railways.

A second building in Mill Street is dated 1865, suggesting this might have been an earlier building than the main entrance on Kinnoull Street.

A further building dated 1901 is probably an extension. There was a further extension in the 1950s which caused much controversy but has no date on it. This extension is now Café Kisa.

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