Bridgend Toll House

This is one of three toll houses in Perth, the others being on the Edinburgh Road and on the Dundee Road. Now vacant, it housed a greengrocers for many years. The Bye Law on the notice board on the toll house sets out the rules for a locomotive (traction engine) crossing the bridge by requiring a person bearing a red flag to go on in front. The regulations were imposed on 21st February, 1902 after a steam propelled locomotive with spiked wheels was accused of damaging the tarmac. Evidence about the event was given by the driver William Adamson and…


Former Council Offices, Police Station and Tolbooth

This historic site occupies the corner of the High Street and Tay Street. The entrance doorway of the old Perth Town Council Administrative Offices is on Tay Street. There is no plaque there at present, though doubtlessly one will appear in due course. The old police station, on Tay Street, was built in 1879 as part of the Perth Town Council Administrative Offices on the site of the Old Tolbooth. Above the doorway is the inscription setting out what would now be described as the mission statement of a police force. The text was originally on the medieval tolbooth.

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