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Plaque Type: Civil

Plaque site
Plaque Purpose
Recreation Park, Scone Records donations to form Scone Park
Pictstonhill Farm Birth Place of Sir James Mackenzie
Perth Railway Station William Downie Employment Record
No. 11 Skinnergate 1882 - Date of build?
Kings Place Railway Bridge 1849 - Date of build?
Perth Railway Station Entrance 1985 Cleaning of Station
Perth Railway Station Entrance Railway Ambulance Plaque
Perth Railway Station Platform 4 Destination Board PERTH 1855
Perth Railway Station Platforms 4 and 7 Clocks of Original Date
Queen's Bridge (South) Opening by Queen: details of construction
Perth Bridge Flood Levels
Friarton Hospital Date of Establishment
St Ninian's Catehdral Kinloch Sons Killed in 1905 Rail Crash
Watergate Night Shelter fr Destitute Women
Unknown Electricity Plaques for Perth Council
Fleshers Vennel 1766 Possible House?
Baxters Vennel ?
17 South Street Fountain Close: details of Perth Vennels and shields showing the trademarks of the old guilds of Perth
High Street Cunningham Close: Date on Lintel (no descriptive plaque)
Tay Street Water Vennel/Northern Boundary Gowrie House
High Street Guildhall 1722
Dundee Road opposite Rodney Pavillion House of Provost Threipland 1664-1676

Plaque Type: Military (Largely War Memorials)

Plaque site
Plaque Purpose
North Port Details of Castle
Cottages, Abbey Road, Scone War Memorial
RDM School, Scone War Memorial
Formerly Memorial Club Polish War Service
Memorial Garden, North Inch War Memorial Co-op Employees
Pullars (PKC Office) Staff War Memorial
Perth Academy Hall War Memorial
Memorial Garden, North Inch Black Watch Statue
Memorial Garden, North Inch Cameronian's Obelisk
Lindsay Court, 246 Old High Street Korean War Memorial
Black Watch Museum Field Marshall Wavell
St Andrew's Church War Memorial - 2 in number
Jeanfield Park War Memorial
Bowerswell House War Memorial
West Kirk, St Matthew's Church War Memorial WW1 and WW2
St John's Kirk Burma Star
Perth Railway Station War Memorial
Scott Street Rest home for WW1 Soldiers
3 High Street Polish Army Memorial Plaque
Charlotte Street/North Inch Battle of the Clans
Charlotte Street/North Inch Assembly of Jacobites 1715 and 1745
Memorial Garden, North Inch Memorial to Spanish Civil War Volunteers


Plaque site
Plaque Purpose
United Free Church  Build date?
King James Hospital Plaque inside door perimeter wall
King James Hospital Foundation plaque above front door
Ex Salmon Fisheries Founding of Priory
St John Street King David Founding St John’s Kirk
St John Street Bishop of Dunkeld
Old High Street Site of St Paul’s Hospital
High Street opposite St Paul's Church Glasite meeting house
Feus Road corner White Friars Monastry
Canal Street Greyfriars Graveyard


Plaque site
Plaque Purpose
Sandeman Library Light, Wisdom AD 1898 (on separate stone plaque) 
Sandeman Library Rams head at corner of Kinnoull Street and Mill Street high above the clock
Sandeman Library Pro Rege, Lege ET Grege above main door     
South Street Details of Original Perth Grammar School
St Anne’s Lane Further School details
Rose Terrace Old Perth Academy


Plaque site
Plaque Purpose
Gloags, Kinnoull Street Bordeaux house 1907
Kilt/Red Cross Shops 18 and 95 to form 1895 Date of build?
Pullars, Mill Street 1865 date of build? 1901 Further extension?
Pullars (PKC office) Pullar’s Jubilee
Pullars (PKC office) Creation of Building
Skinnergate Records history of the Old Ship Inn
Fergusson Gallery Date of construction of water works


Plaque site
Plaque Purpose
Obelisk, St James Hospital  
Atholl Street Blackfriars Monastery
Salutation Hotel 1745, Prince Charlie's Stay
County Buildings Gowrie House Murder
Lane Opposite George Hotel City Walls
Charlotte Street Battle of the Clans
North Inch Gathering of 1745 Army


Plaque site
Plaque Purpose
Rose Terrace House Ruskin occupied while on a childhood holiday
York Place John Buchan House
Near Old High Street Hal O'the Wynd House
Wilson Street Soutar House
Kinnoull Churchyard Headstone for George Millais and Euphemia Gray

Previous Plaques known but now missing

Plaque site
Plaque Purpose
South Inch Archery Butts
High Street Site of Robert Burns Visit
Dundee Road/Wall at Hillside Home Kinnoull Castle
Parmelia Court Description of Ship Bound For Australia
Tay Street Monks Tower (Memorial Gardens)
Tay Street Dancing Platform for Charles I
High Street Lady Nairne (Scottish Songs)
2 High Street, Former G A G A at Cherrybank

Plaques Unreadable

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Plaque Purpose
Dewar's Corner Archery Butts
Sir Walter Scott Statue  
Dewar's Corner-close to pedestrian crossing Archery Butts and Ampitheatre of St Johnstoun

Modern Description Boards

Plaque site
Plaque Purpose
Old Market Cross Markets and Fairs of Perth
Tay Street Wildlife on Tay
Tay Street Bridges of Perth
Tay Street Harbours of Perth
West Mill Street Mills of Perth

New Historic Plaques

Plaque site
Plaque Purpose
Tay Street Visit James VI 1601
Tay Street Site of Tolbooth
Tay Street The Ferryman
Tay Street Old Perth Bridge