The Chairman of Perth Civic Trust, David MacLehose, handed over the Trust’s submission on the Local Development Plan 2 to Councillor Murray Lyle yesterday 1 February. On its submission the Trust’s Executive Committee highlighted key aspects in the draft LDP which will affect the heritage of Perth City and the impact on residents and visitors to the City.

LDP2 Submission Scaled H500.jpg

David MacLehose said “the Trust’s submission focussed on a limited number of key issues. We are concerned that the general appearance of the City’s buildings and access roads must be improved to show off the City’s fine buildings. The residents of Perth must be able to take pride in our city. We need to encourage visitors to stay and enjoy all Perth has to offer and increasingly so in the future as the new Cultural attractions are completed.”

The Trust considered that the draft LDP2 is a positive guide for planning for the period until 2028. Some important issues require to be highlighted for reconsideration, if the potential of Perth and Kinross is to be fully realised for the benefit of residents and visitors.

The Trust noted the potential release of land for houses which could accommodate a 35% increase in population in the Perth area, and the implications for the road network within Perth and national road network adjacent to the City. The implications for Air Quality must be addressed shortly as Atholl Street in Perth is already Scotland’s third most polluted road in terms of Particulate Matter. The Trust recommends essential improvements to the cycle and pedestrian routes in the City for the wellbeing of residents, which it hopes will be recognised and acted upon by the Council.

The Conservation Plans for the City Centre and Kinnoull , of significant interest to the Trust, are fundamental to the protection of the heritage in these areas and their buildings and landscapes. The Trust emphasised the Conservation Plans require regular review.

The Chairman emphasised that “cycle and pedestrian routes must be improved access into Perth from all arterial routes. These aspects are not adequately addressed in the draft LDP2. There is no better way to enjoy Perth by walking or cycling along the river or though the City”.

You can download the submission by clicking here or read in the frame below.