The Trust's response to planning application 18/00094/IPM Murray RoyalMurray Royal Small.jpg

Dear Sirs

The Perth Civic Trust notes the above application for in Principle residential development on the green field areas out with the original Main Building at Murray Royal. The Trust objects to this application in its current form, on the basis that no proposals are submitted in Full or In Principle, for the Main Building Listed A. As an A Listed Building it is of National Interest. The Planning Authority should not consider the current application without a validated application in Full, for the proposed development of the Main Building. The Trust considers it paramount that securing the future use of the Main Building must take precedence over any consideration of development of other areas of the site out with the Murray Royal Hospital. Any consent including an In Principle Consent, of development of the area outwith the Main Building, must be conditional on the completed conversion of the Main Building in full accordance with Planning and Listed Building Consents.

The Perth Civic Trust can only consider the current application on receipt by the Planning Authority of a Full application for the Main Building. The Trust will comment on both applications when advertised.  The Trust may withdraw this objection when a detailed Full Planning application is submitted for both the Main Building and the development of the site under the current application.

Please note that this application is submitted on behalf of Perth Civic Trust. The interests of individual members of the Trust should only be considered if, and when, they are submitted on an individual basis.

Yours faithfully

David MacLehose

David MacLehose FRICS FRSA
Perth Civic Trust 
Registered Charity no SC001531


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